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Jan 10 Update Notes


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Modding and map making tools are now available free to everyone that owns Red Orchestra 2! While the limited functionality preview versions of the SDK have been available to select modders for a while, this release now makes the full capabilities of the Mod SDK available to everyone. Other changes in this update include:



  • Settings menu bug fixes (e.g. Changing Vsync setting now requires a restart)
  • Switching roles/teams while in a tank should now work properly
  • Melee hit detection improvements. For example, it is now possible to hit a prone player with a bayonet while standing.
  • The commanders order marker will now disappear properly when aimed at the sky instead of getting stuck at some location in the map
  • Countdown maps will no longer show the improper amount of manpower when a new player joins during a match in progress

Performance / Stability

  • Crash fixes based on .dmp files provided by players
  • Fixed occasional freezing when spawning
  • Updated Punkbuster to address framerate spike
  • Overall performance optimization



SDK: How to use redirects to download custom maps (Modders)

  1. Publish your custom map using the publish button in the editor. This will 'cook' twice because the server needs a different version.
  2. Grab the files from Published/CookedPCServer/ and give those to your server admins. Remember to clearly label these as server files.
  3. Grab the files from Published/CookedPC/ and give those to your server admins clearly labelled as client files. You must rename the published map files from .roe to .upk.


SDK: How to use redirects to download custom maps (Server Admins)

  1. Place the server content into ROGame/CookedPCServer
  2. Place the client content, removing any sub directories, at an http address. If the client content contains any .roe map they must be renamed to .upk.
  3. Add the following to ROEngine.ini:



  4. Clients will now automatically download the custom content when connecting to your server



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