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BF3 Automatic Hub Setup


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Hey guys,


Ive been struggling getting my server streamed. I am getting error messages everytime i try to make the setup.

Also seen the other topic on this forum about somewhat the same issue, And i did read that this is a internet browser issue atleast it was for him.


Ive been trying with : Internet explorer 32-bit and 64-bit // Mozilla Firefox 32-bit

I get the same issue with all the mentioned browers.


Here is a screenshot of my error message: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/718/doesntworkpfff.jpg/

The screenshot is also in the attachment.


So i am wondering that its something else that is not filled in correctly, If u look on the screenshot under server IP u have to fill in an (Admin Port) i think i filled in something wrong there. I think u have to put the server port there but i doubt that since it isnt called (Server Port). Ive never heard something about (Admin Port). So i think thats the issue.


Ive been trying and looking for an answer for 2 hours now, So i decided to make this topic about this.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Best Regards // Ronald Malja


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Admin port aka Query port aka Rcon port, is what you need, not the Game/Join/Server port.


You should be able to find it in your server provider's control panel.

The default rcon port would be 47200




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Thanx for the fast response !


I am not home at the moment.

I will try when i get back home, Will update u later if this solved my issue.


Best Regards // Ronald Malja

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