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clean download punkbuster


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everytime i try to join bf3 server i got this disconected from server kick, befor i had ignoring quering kick.


all the things i have done

reinstall bf3 3 times

update pb 100times

ports are forward on my conection

pnkbsterA and B are running

firewall enabled Pnkbster A and B and BF3

fireall turn off


and i still cant play bf3 now i dont know what to do

i have even troubleticket nothing help


i am runnin windows 7 ultimate 64bits


some help would be really appreciated


Thanks you

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Delete (or rename) PB folder in BF3. Run pbsetup from Evenbalance.

If still cant connect, turn on PB logging and ticket evenbalance.


Had one member 2 months ago that had to wipe and reinstall windows. Then BF3 worked for him.

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