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Hack or crack, is there a difference

Deaths Conundrum aka DC

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I went on to a forum yesterday that esentially turned out to be a BASH EB forum. Alot of F this and F that and PB can yada yada yada. One thing that made me chuckle was one guy in particular complaing of a hardware ban for using a cracked version of the game. What he was whinning about was that he wasn't hacking that he had only played a cracked gaem, noithing to recieve a HW ban for. I had to speak, using a cracked game is hacking, you hacked into the game and removed the registration information and cd key. then put it back up on the internet for 10000 people to use with the same cd key gen and all incurring the same offence as anyone that used it. It is not only hacking but worse, theft. You are depriving the game programmers the money they deserve for their hard work in providing you with the game you are now complaining about.


Should using a cracked game incure a HW ban?

Does using a cracked game incur a HW ban or was this g.......... CD Key Gen Lmao it probably wansn't him. Moral: Pay if you want to play or go rob a convienience store, its the same thing. DC

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