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RO2 Patch 2/7/2012


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  • Made a number of improvements to ammo resupply points
  • Bots now have more variation in the spawn points they select
  • Achievements for single player campaign progress should unlock properly now
  • Reduced range of the rifle bash attack. Bayonets are unaffected.
  • Fixed occasionally invisible binoculars when using them as a melee weapon
  • Fixed some situations where teammates could not resupply machine gunners. (e.g. if the MG was not the currently equipped weapon)
  • Fixed max audio channels setting not always working correctly in the settings menu
  • Fixed a bug where some voice chatter would play from somewhere other than the location of the person speaking


  • Players still encountering stability problems can now use our new automatic crash reporting system! (read more at: http://forums.tripwireinteractive.co...ad.php?t=75253)
  • Added additional debug information for crashing during startup
  • Modders can once again unsuppress logging without causing the game to crash
  • Various crash fixes based on player reports

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