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Softcore mode on cod4


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I am stumped for what this is but here goes. Our cod server is running in hardcore mode I personally prefer it this way, but some of our members complained and it went to an admin vote and I lost ( lol )


I know you can change the server to old school mode but when we did that it has all the perks and weapons to Pick up if you know what I mean. I can get an ss if you need it. I have played on other servers that are not hardcore and you can choose your class when you join.


Anyone know what if anything has to be added/removed/changed in the main server configuration file to make this work.

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You want "normal" cod4 or oldscool?


if normal then you just need to change scr_hardcore to 0 without changing the scr_oldschool_mw (it should be 0)


That did the trick we can choose classes now when we join. Cheers for the help again Fantasy.

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