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BFBC2 multiplayer saboteur


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Hello all,

is it possible to bann player, who is constantly doing own team sabotages? Among other of those I have met a few times a guy with nick JesusLoveAllah. Every time I have seen him, he was destroying own team vehicles most of the game. I made a short video record of his actions and put it on Youtube - you can find it here:



(or just search on youtube for JesusLoveAllah)


Sorry for bad quality, but I have no clue, how to capture video -> this is taken by iPhone and moreover my first try to put anything on youtube :-/


In case, you can't add him to the bann list, could you please advice me, to whom shall I address a complain? On BFBC2 servers are nowadays admins very rarely. So what to do? Just a give up and let him to enjoy his funn to bother others?



Thanx for any kind of advice/action...



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Our (PBBans) targets are cheaters. People who use third-party tools to gain an advantage.


We care not for glitch abusers, griefers, annoying people. Sorry.


Your only options would be to either continue trying to find an admin of the server, maybe you can find their website from the clantag or some servermessages, or avoid servers that this guy goes to.


Good luck.




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I agree, contact the owner, or admin. Maybe typing the IP of the server in a browser (without port) will get you on their website, where you could post that video.

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