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RO2 Opt-In Beta


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RO 2 owners will now find that they have the ability to opt into a Red Orchestra 2 beta (they can do this by right clicking on the game in Steam, choosing the properties option and then the beta tab to find the opt in drop down). This beta will replace the current live build of the game (not the separate Red Orchestra 2 Beta).


A brief summary of what this beta includes:

  • Maps
    • New Map - Mamayev Kurgan - TE, CD, FF
    • Balance updates and bug fixes for all other maps

    [*]New Game Modes

    • New Mode - Classic
    • New Mode - Action - This mode replaces relaxed realism.

    [*]Gameplay Refinements

    • Lockdown
    • Overtime
    • Spawn Protection
    • Spawn on Squad Leader
    • Enemy Spotted
    • Player Damage Model
    • Suppression
    • T-34 armor has been modified

    [*]Community Requests

    • Client side hit detection server option
    • Tank AI Changes and Additions
    • Greatly decreased deployed machine gun recoil
    • New input options for functions (toggle vs hold and more)

    [*]Performance and Bugs

    • Over 50 major bugs fixed
    • Major performance increases for clients and servers
    • Improved particles from explosions and smoke

This is not the final build, but is a near release candidate. We will be monitoring it over the weekend for any major issues that arise. Have fun, and a great weekend!

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