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PunkBuster coming to Medal of Honor Warfighter


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Electronic Arts Inc. has contracted with Even Balance, Inc. to integrate PunkBuster™ Anti-Cheat software into Medal of Honor™ Warfighter. We will soon be opening a section on our website to support PunkBuster™ for Medal of Honor Warfighter. EA, Medal of Honor Warfighter and the Medal of Honor Warfighter logo are trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.




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Great another game that will be full of cheaters. Punk Buster could not catch A

cold in Alaska during January. There motto is Quality not Quantity. This is the

way it translates The Quality for the players that do not cheat will suck because of

the LOW Quantity of cheaters that Punk Buster catches. Is really that Hard to

catch cheaters ? I mean if they have a kdr over 5.00 maybe you PB should check

it out, and if you have a KDR over 10.00 then for sure something is up A red

should be seen. I play battle field bad company 2 a game PB sometimes

catches a cheater and it is full of them, the game is lil older and they dont care

to catch cheaters with older games. What am i talking about they never

cared to catch cheaters.

Here is an Ex .|dominator| (solders name) advertises for *yoink*. He has

been playing since May 4 of 2011 , he has over 100,000 kills in 312hours

and his KDR is 20.07 he has been in over 1000 games and there are 1000's

of |dominators| just check stats so easy to catch the hard core cheaters they

stand out . To much work for PB. Punk Busters Sucks they alway have and

always will. They make it almost impossible to turn a cheater in and they

are what I would call rude in the way they tell you how. they almost seem angry

that you would want to . So much work that the avg person says forget it

and that what they want

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Good. It's nice to see the best anti-cheat being in implemented in games.

What are you smoking crack PB sucks they are not the

best .


good to have PB but i hope to have since release pbss and other feauture to prevent abuse of cheat on our server i say these because when last MoH was released pb dont work " at full power"

They have never worked at low power let alone Full power .
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