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RO2 Beta Update 8/15


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Welcome back to the latest edition of the What We Are Up To post. For those just joining us, these are designed to tell you the community what is going on behind the closed doors here at Tripwire. Today is the first in a series that will be touching on our immediate and long term plans for RO 2. This post will focus on the map, multiplayer campaign and player requested refinements.


As some of the players have noticed, like before the Game Of The Year update, the RO 2 beta (the stand alone beta, NOT the opt in beta) has been updated. This has brought the beta to the same version as the live game. As the weeks and months go on we will be continuing to introduce things to the beta for player feedback before it all eventually ends up in the next RO 2 patch.


The first change, which has already been introduced in the beta, has been to turn on Multiplayer Campaign. Stay tuned to the RO 2 beta forum in the future as we schedule tests to gather feedback from players and identify what needs work.


Coming shortly we will have player requested refinements entering the beta as well. Increased stamina capacity in classic, a change to player movement while players are firing machine guns, as well as some tweaks to countdown and UI functionality to help players understand what is expected of them and what is happening during the game.


Also on the way will be our next official map. While we aren't ready to give out many details just yet (including the name), what we do want to do is let players know what our goal is with this map. It has been designed to bring back one of the combined arms style of experiences from RO 1 that has not been represented in an official map so far. Multiple tanks on both sides engaging each other over large tracks of land while infantry move up and capture the objectives. If the tanks try and get up close and personal in the objectives without friendly infantry support they will soon find themselves dodging infantry exposing themselves only long enough to damage or destroy the tank. We think it will be an great addition to to the gameplay of RO 2.


We'll be looking for feedback from the community on all these things and more as the beta advances. In the coming days I'll also be touching on major system changes, the upcoming Rising Storm and more. Speaking of Rising Storm, some of the Tripwire team is on the ground in Germany at Gamescom with Tony from Rising Storm, so keep your eyes out for new information and media!

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