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RO2 Opt-In Beta For Steam Workshop


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We have made live an opt in beta for Steam Workshop for RO 2.


By joining this group in steam: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/KFWorkshop


And following these instructions:


1) Right click on Red Orchestra 2 in your Steam library

2) Navigate to the Beta tab

3) Opt into the beta named Beta


(Note, you must also do the same for the RO 2 SDK under Tools)


At this point RO 2 and the SDK should now update to the Workshop build, allowing mod makers to upload their content.


Modders will be able to upload their content to the workshop. Instructions for using the workshop can be found on our wiki here: http://wiki.tripwireinteractive.com/...Steam_Workshop


There are 2 important notices:


1) This build is NOT compatible with the current live build, and you will not be able to play with your friends until the patch goes live for all players (or opt out of the beta).


2) From what our early tests have shown, custom mappers will need to recook their content on the beta build or the new build of the game will not run it.

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