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APB Reloaded


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Hi. Does anyone here even knows that game? I've spent over 1.500 hours there just to find out one evening that i was banned for "using 3rd party software blablabla" which is obvious lie. Believie me or not but I was never cheating or even downloading any aimbots or macros etc. I know that punkbuster also scans gamefiles but I haven't modified any. I was using Advanced System Care and some kind of "booster" mode was on and I'm beggining to thing that this triggered ban. I also know about one case where "game booster" triggerd ban in APB but dont know how much truth was in it. I don't think I'll ever get my account back as GamersFirst isn't helpfull at all. In fact they are just copy/paste and putting on ignore list. I dont think I'll even want to be back in game as I would feel unsecure to spend another hours or even cash just to be banned for another not related thing BUT I'm trying to make my clanmates safer and let the whole world know about fabulous G1 and PB service.

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We (PBBans) do not support APB.


All questions regarding PunkBuster on that game should be directed to Even Balance and to whoever the game's dev is.


Also, yes, game boosters have resulted in bans in other games before. Probably something to do with their speedhack-related behaviour.




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