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AA3 3.3.1 Hotfix Released


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Look at areas in red below. :)


A few of the hard core AA3 Devs took some time to take care of a few minor issues that have been bugging them (and you), and put together a hotfix that will address those and make the overall AA experience better than ever. Plus they added a few neat things to improve server administration, servers and stats and some other cool stuff.


Expected time for release...momentarily!


So, on that note, on with the bullet points!


AA3 Version 3.3.1 HotFix Changelist

  • Fix for infinite grenades implemented.- this has both a client side fix that fixes UI display and a server-side only hotfix that will work immediately on any server with it whether client has fix or not.
  • Invulnerable AI were fixed.
  • Added player pings to the Super Admin only version of the "playerlist" console command.
  • Tweaked Auto-balance so that Steam Friends are properly grouped together when possible and players are far less likely to be switched back and forth frequently.
  • No-Damage time after spawning was reduced to 10 seconds for standard multiplayer maps. Also, falling damage counts immediately after spawning.
  • Fix for getting stuck between weapons during weapon swapping.
  • Server crash fix (mission timer related state crash).
  • Double grenade spoon flip sound fix.
    vGrenade count if hit when you cannot change weapons fix.
  • AI VIP can be set in player start to take damage to incap (although default is just like AA3.3).
  • Increased time the "stay quiet" for AI VIP works - now lasts for two minutes.
  • Adjusted so the "wait for me" based on distance is included in the "stay quiet" command. The "wait for me" due to impassable terrain/obstacles cannot be silenced.
  • Airfield with most trees having material and mesh stored in level and the panning removed from the material.
  • Fix for mission sub-level streaming that has the mission marked as not loaded or visible.
  • UI cleanup to fix loadouts/coming soon stuff.
  • Removed coming soon from role select and MOS training UI.
  • Potential fix for 14 players on a team after auto-balance fixes. Will prevent spectator from becoming 14th player on a team if both teams are full.
  • Loader: Fixes load and restore of soldier profile that might have invalid size but still has valid data.
  • Updated loader/wrapper with profile fixes.
  • Potential fix for double throwing grenades.
  • Updated AAR and fixes for stats pages.
  • Fixes accessed none if pawn is none when sync is called for posture on server.
  • Changes ATS initialization timing and removes threading.
  • NPC takedamage adjusted so it will be more likely to always take some damage when hit.
  • Fix for pure COOP games not properly setting the empty team slot values so the select team didn't work correctly.
  • Potential fix for crash related to ATS scoring initialization.
  • Server Admins: Fixes to server title bar to show server coop/pvp coop/mp mode and server title to make managing multiple servers easier.
  • Fix to allow pure coop by setting pvp coop cutoff to match the maxplayers.
  • Reworked ATS event handler thread termination to further reduce chance of new event sliding into queue during the termination phase.
  • Adjusted round setup so ATS is closed and then opened and initialized in a manner similar to pre 3.2 refactoring for Steam.
  • Server crash fix for AI state timers.
  • Probable fix for latest server crash which turns out to be related to AI NPC target tracking trying to evaluate a pawn or controller that no longer exists.
  • Possible fix for post PBGUID hang of server - removes try/catch so server will die instead of potentially continue in bad state.
  • Adjusts PB client list so it won't add player who's PBGUID generate fails for any reason.
  • PunkBuster Crash Research - this addresses a number of array issues where too long or too short arrays could cause crashes relating to pb_export.
  • Revised PB integration - now should do much better job of protecting all arrays from overruns and validating logging so it can't send something too large to the unreal logging system or the client's logging.
  • Adjusted M145 ELCAN optic to more closely match where first round fired will hit.


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While I do applaud the aa devs for putting out this patch. What the aa devs needs to do is patch the aa3 server so that anyone can run a global internet server. Right now if you want a global internet server you have to rent it, yet they say its free and you can run a server.


No you cant and after the few emails that I had with aa3 mas system ( patrick ) it is found that you have to rent a aa3 global server ( registered ).


I tried to get my aa3 server registered so it will boot and be in the server list ( global/internet ). No can do according to Patrick.



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