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Now Comes: The Captains Quarters gamin clan


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Now Comes, The Captains Quarters. Gaming Clan

We are recruiting players of the following games:

BFBC2,BF3, MOH-WF, MW3, Blk Ops 1 & 2.

We are a small group of friends that know that gaming is supposed to be "fun" We are not a realism clan, and we play in our free time and socialize.

If your looking for a clan that is fun, honest, and easy to apply for then you need to look no further. We accept all nationalities and genders. All we ask is that you be 18 or older, have a working mic and Teamspeak 3, and the desire to have fun fragin it up with some good genuine people. If you are mature and trustworthy there are openings as well for Staff positions and we promote from within.

Come grow with a Awesome new clan founded by veteran gamers.

Here is our mission Statement located on the front of our site:

"The Captains Quarters

The Captains Quarters founders are experienced gamers with gaming histories that date back to the old "Americas Army 2" days and beyond.

We have thrived and enjoyed our long gaming history. This Clan was founded on that love of gaming and the social interaction that it brings.

The clan was founded in Nov. of 2012 to create a place for other like minded gamers who value friendship and know that gaming is supposed to be "fun".

We strive here to offer each member a place to meet with fun loving honest gamers, to sit back and enjoy gaming, conversation, and good times.

We are proud to be a "cheat free" clan, and will remain so at any cost. We work hard in life, and we come here to play hard, and have a good time with our members and any guests who pop in for a visit.

OzzMan, KillaBandit, and Syndrome (Founders), would like to open the doors of this clan and extend to you our friendship. Feel free to hang out with us on our Site & Teamspeak, or if you are 18+ you are also welcome to apply to join our clan.

Either way we hope you take from here something positive and have a great time, and we hope to see you on the battlefield.


The TCQ^ Staff"

TCQ^ Site= http://www.captainsquartersclan.com

You will find our Teamspeak info there and feel free to PM any member for the Teamspeak password.

So go sign up and become a part of something you can be proud of gamer. PeAcE

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