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Liquid Cooling


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the day after Xmas my pump started making alot of noise, i kept using it. in the middle of a game of BO2 i looked at my GF then tuned back to computer screen, Blue!?, i was WTF! turn it back on and is fine, play 10 min , Pop!, Ozone and burn plastic smell. taking the side off i notice a drop hanging from the Colant pump. too late for the graphics card and Mobo... laste 1.25 years, faster than my Dell lol,..


it didnt seem worth having the liquid cooling because i leave my computer on too much and the pumps can last all that.


ill be gone for a while from the computer anyway a few weeks to get a new MOBO ans GPU. turned server off also till i get i new rig. can only use our office computers...

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What a nightmare. Running mine with an H100 closed loop. Hopefully it uses a non-conductive coolant, but probably not. Would be smart of them, but, yeah....paranoid now.

if your gonna stay with liquid cooling try mineral oil they show people using it in an aquarium style setup.


i think mine had some sort of oil in it, but when it drips on pCIE socket and mixes with dust you cannot see it will create a current through the dust and oil mix, ill post photos, looks like no problems beside the burnt marks lool.


gonna stay away from liquid cooling permanently, i was interested for years about it now i see the cons, i leave my system on too much for a weak link like that, its like having a spaceship with a carburetor,, its fine for gaming, but when you use your computer as much as i do its not developed good yet for long hours.



Every gamers worst nightmare hope you get it sorted


Check these heavy cpu overclockers out crazy




thats sick, im gonna get a new FX CPU with 797 03 gb im looking for combo sale but nothing yet...

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the oil settup im talking about they take and instead of a case its and aquerium they build the pc in, after its all in there they start it up and start to por this oil init full imursing the componete in this oil.


hers the site




heres the video


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