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RO2 Patch (2/21)


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  • Team select menu now displays a message if a team is full
  • Fixed team kill forgiveness. Forgiving a team kill now all forgives all wound damage you have inflicted on that player.
  • Fixed single player maps auto completing
  • Fixed a confusing attack/defend message on the tactical view when issued an order from the Commander. ‘Attacking’ an owned objective will now always display as ‘Defend’.
  • Fixed the G41 playing the wrong shoot animation when hipped/shouldered
  • Setup the level 2/3 G41 sniper rifle to have the proper scope position and zoom
  • The cooldown for reusing an ammo resupply is now more reliable



  • Downloading Workshop files will now show download progress %
  • Added Custom map filter to the in-game workshop menu
  • Stock RO2 maps show up to the in-game workshop menu
  • Downloading multiple versions of the same file will no longer give an ambiguous message popup warning. Instead, older versions are automatically ignored.
  • SDK: Fix for workshop uploading the wrong version of the file (from MyGames)


Server Admins

  • When bAllowDeadRoaming is disabled, it’s no longer possible to use the roaming camera even if everyone on your team is dead.
  • DemoRec & Spectating players no longer open up extra roles on the server
  • Fixed bNoVehicles not working correctly in Barashka
  • Fixed OverrideMaxPlayers. This setting forces the map to play on a different sized version than that specified by MaxPlayers. Gameplay elements such as roles, reinforcements are unaffected.

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