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Call Of Duty 4 and AIMBOT 50710 - What is being done about this?


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I have recently seen 2 people I regularly game with banned for this. After searching the internet, I am noticing an alarming trend regarding this ban. Specifically that might not be a legitimate ban. Even more alarming, it seems that no one is able to get a solid answer regarding what is being done to explain this problem (if it is). It just seems to me that the lack of actual information being published or even acknowledged by Even Balance or PBBans.com is not only rude but shameful. You have people who paid 50 dollars for a product that just *might* not be guilty of this hack and all you say to them is 'go buy another copy if you want to play again'?


I felt the need to come on here and state my opinion regarding this. It just seems that in this day and age, faceless corporations are shrugging off their responsibility when it comes to customer service. If someone from Even Balance would like to shed some light on this current wave of AIMBOT 50710 bans that would be great. Please refrain from copying and pasting the typical canned responses also.


I am going to forward this post to some gaming sites as well. I think it would help us all out if perhaps someone was reporting on it.


Thanks for your time.



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As of now, EB says the violation is valid. Until they find something that is falsely triggering these bans, they will remain on our MBI. Since there is another thread about this, I will close this thread.



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