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So what should we do as a COD4 community


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It has been brought up here that this recent violation could be a mistake. Everyone knows what I am talking about. PBBans stance is 'talk to EvenBalance, its not our problem'. EvenBalance gives the same copy and paste answer to anyone who appeals.


So what's next?


I have seen several legit clan members call for action on this. If we go to EvenBalance's website, and browse to the COD4 section, the last update was from Thursday 09.13.2012 [3:45PM] !


So here is the situation we are in:


A person is banned. They immediately go to PBBans.com to find out whats up, because afterall, the server is STREAMING PBBANS information constantly.


PBBans reply with 'its not us! talk to EvenBalance!'


So the person files the appeal with EvenBalance.


Copy and paste response: 'you have been banned for 'insert violation here'. Maybe it wasn't you who caused the violation! Someone could have stolen your GUID and caused it! We don't know what files were on your computer. We can't tell you anything! All we can say is that you (as far as we are concerned) did something bad.


What would any person in this situation do. Return to PBBans.com and ask for the BAN to be lifted since EvenBalance issues ONLY a kick while PBBans levies the actual permanent ban.


Now PBBans is threatening forum access for even talking about it.


I say: Stop streaming PBBans. This is affecting clans who partake in actual tournament play, and we can't sit around waiting for someone at EvenBalance to give a sh*t.


I am passing this actual post on to all the clans who are currently playing in TCC and other active clans who run servers that stream this. We cannot sit around waiting for this to hopefully get sorted out. We don't have that time.


This post will most likely get locked and possibly deleted. If you see it and you agree with me, sign up to xxxxxxx.org and let your voice be heard.


I will save this post and pass it on to other clans.


Lets keep our COD4 community alive.



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Complaining about it is not going to speed up the process. We are waiting for the culprit to be found, if any, as to what is triggering the violation. As of right now, this violation is valid, according to Even Balance. We can not over rule them. Be patient! :deadhorse:

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