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Cod2 server


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Recentyly i bought my self a new call of duty 2 server, and everything looks fine, the server is streaming but theres one thing wich is pain in the ass. Before when i was using games violation i could see in the pb folder svlogs vstr comamand which players used but know using pbans all i can see in those logs is that a screenshot has been made or all the cvars which are used. / Can anyone tell me how to configurate to see those old log version

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You can add a bind search to a pb task and restart PB.

Eg add this to pbsv.cfg


pb_sv_task 60 900 "pb_sv_bindsrch "vstr""


That will search for vstr binds 60 seconds after the player joins and every 900 seconds there after.

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I have a other problem right now, I cannot connect wi the server / its awaiting connection all the time. No one cant connect. The server is running, i setuped it again and still nothin, any help?

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yes this is happing to cod2 servers right now .there is no access to the streaming hub.and i believe the master servers are down.any help?please


the server will allow players after about an hour

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