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Hello guys. I just got my account back after 3 months cause it was hacked. Called to EA they changed the password back .. I was very happy. I started to play battlefield heroes no problems. Went on an server with t4g banned.



I just recrived this mail



We would like to inform you that your appeal of your T4G Blacklist ban has been processed.


All appeals are subject to the same review process as the original ban, consisting of votes by 5 moderators and 3 admins. None of the moderators or admins who voted on your original ban were permitted to vote on your appeal. Furthermore, if the person who originally submitted your name to the Blacklist is a mod or admin on the project, they were not able to vote on your ban or your appeal.


Following this review process, the result of your appeal is:




Our moderators and admins found sufficient reason to uphold your ban, based on one or more of the following:


- Existing ban on GGC/PBBans

- Stats that fall outside plausible ranges (cheating)

- Scores that fall outside plausible ranges (statpadding)

- Validated dirty/cropped PBSS

- Other compelling evidence (definitive screenshots/videos/etc)



If you still feel that this ban is unwarranted, you may file one further appeal, which will be subject to the same review process as the first. If you do decide to file a 2nd appeal, do NOT simply repeat the statements in your first appeal, as that will guarantee the 2nd will fail as well.


Your T4G Blacklist Team.




So I would like to know why I'm banned. Cause my account was hacked for 3 months. The hacked played a lot on it. I would never cheat my name is Lachiu1Gaming. Check my account. The hacker took a lot of money. I can play without hacks. Watch my youtube chanel if you don't belive me lachiu1 . A friend of myne reported me cause I was training a friend how to snipe. I had over 10k xp but that wasn't statpadding.... We tooked flags running around the map... 1 vs 1. And I also would like to see the screenshots.



Can this ban being removed for once? Cause my account was hacked? You can call to EA : +18665435435

I was talking with Melanie.

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You are not banned here. All accounts on your IP address (mostly BFP4F, no BFH) come up clean.


A quick search of the name on the T4G banlist reveals a ban for statspadding, so it seems your problems lie with them, not us.

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