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Hi all,


We caught a player out with PBSS the other night on our Promod Scrim Server. This was just a random situation whilst checking the PBSS over the last few days of that Server.


I posted this screenshot up saying that we are sick of hackers on our Scrim Servers. Today I had some person named HydroX come on our Teamspeak Server to have a "chat" and immediately this person stated that this screenshot was a "fake". Now, this person is a known hacker who is banned from competition and this person that I got a screenshot of was apparently his friend from what I was informed who is also banned for hacks a couple months ago from competition.


Long story short. We aren't streaming with PBBans, yet. So this doesn't really matter at this stage. What I really want to know is, is there a program that checks and validates PB Screenshots and/or can someone validate this screenshot just to prove this douche bag wrong.


I banned him from our Teamspeak because I was just fed up with his childish attitude and the fact he had the nerve to come on there and state it was a fake because it's his friend and both are known hackers.


Who should I speak to regarding this to validate this screenshot?


I'll attach the file here.


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A MD5 hash is taken of every screenie after the server receives it from the client(player). This is stored in your server's pb logs. (*serverfolder*/pb/svlogs)

Compare the screenie's hash to the one in the logs. If it matches, screenie is unaltered.


Of course, this is assuming that the logs are trusted to be unaltered. The only way to be sure the logs haven't been edited is to stream.

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Yeah that's fine.


I'm just a bit annoyed at this person claiming it's fake because it's his friend and both are known hackers. As I said to the person, why would I make a post just regarding hackers on our scrim server and post a random pbss I caught out after checking the screenshots and then go through all the effort to edit it and get some random person I don't even know in trouble.. If I was gonna do that kind of thing, wouldn't I do it to someone I have a vendetta against?


These people never ceased to amaze me though, typical hackers.


Thanks for the response to btw, much appreciated.

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you say "YET" why dont you stream to pbbans and that will sort most of you problems out dont wait to think about it just do it also it will give you better gaming less to worry about


exactly! :D



@KorzeK - Stream your server to PBBans and you will get rid of these hackers, once you catch a hacker and upload the PBSS @ PBBans he will NOT be able to connect to any streaming server with the same GUID.

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