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Have a BF4 server, do not have a new site up yet with forums, rosters and all, still just 4-5 of us atm.


Question: Can I still get a server streaming, or at least partially working now so I have some more protection on the server?


Thanks, Roger

Sure you remember me lol.

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What good is Pbbans-lite if Admins cannot submit PBSS of suspected cheaters or limited access to the MBI? 

Am I the only Server Admin [i3D.net [JPN] Land of the Rising NOOB Server]  that Just wants to provide a fun and Hacker free server for everyone and has no desire to be in a clan?

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Some may ask why even offer lite streaming if the above limitations are in place. The goal of the lite streaming option is to give server admins who do not meet all our requirements the ability to use the PBBans Hub so they can have the protection that other admins have.


The lite streaming option is a good way for previously skeptical/reluctant server admins to get an idea of how effective PBBans Hub streaming can be in keeping cheaters out of their servers. Lite streaming admins also have the option to upgrade to full streaming at any time by meeting all the streaming requirements and submitting a ticket.


Lite streaming admins can enforce bans from the MBi and they can also enforce bans from the unofficial MBi as well. Our PBBans Full Streaming members now have the option to enforce unofficial bans for all games.


Cheating is not going away and in the end we are here to fight cheating in games. We feel the lite streaming option will help do that while keeping our streaming security the same as it has been since 2008.



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