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Low Level Keyboard Hook


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Hey all,


In June I created a program as part of a computer science final. The program installs a keyboard hook using SetWindowsHookEx in order to use system keys as hotkeys for its functionality. Basically, the program allows you to define a hotkey that when pressed would capture the desktop area and output it in a png file in the dropbox public folder and copy the public link into the clipboard.


I sent this program to a friend for testing purposes. Coincidentally he received a ban, from GGC-Stream servers only, around this time. Initially, he thought it was a mistake and attempted to seek help in the community, but as you may know, the general consensus on anti-cheat software is, that if you are banned then you are a cheater.


Anyway, we started playing Arma and forgot about Battlefield and punk buster. But now that BF4 has returned and he is still banned, this is when I made the connection that perhaps my program interfered with punk buster somehow.


Can something be done about this? I can assure you we are both strongly opposed to cheating (my account is -not- banned), but that probably means nothing to you - but it is obligatory for me to state this.

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you can have your friend write a ticket to EB and tell them the exact program he had running and they can then ask for it and analyze it. if they find maybe his ban will be removed

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