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Streaming Related Issues

SL Blaze

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At this time the streaming of PB log on my server is on no. I have some questions to ask first before I turn this on. Firstly, will the real-time streaming slow down my server, or cause any lags in the game play? Secondly, will it cause any bans for unsportsman like conduct to be reversed on my server? Next, will it change any settings on my server cvars? Also, do you have a track of the new hack that is out? I think that the most obvious user of it is a guy named "MasterEscort, or MaleEscort" not sure on how he spells it. He has been on gamespy a lot and kills everyone 15-20 times on the oppisit playing side every map (this is with 15-20 players on each side). Then he sprays his rounds in the ground after he kills. It is usually 2-3 clips. I have looked on all of the gamer tracking website and his name is not on them. And I have noticed quite a lot of players using this type of hack lately. I know that most of the hackers, that have good hacks that pb can do nothing about, buy them from Russian websites. I guess my question is...if they are caught cheating on other servers, and then come onto mine...will they still get kicked off of my server if I have the realtime streaming on? If not...I think that it would be a good thing to look in too. Thank you, for your time. ~SL Blaze (registered pbstaff) B)

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