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OK, I have been sending tickets back and forth to PB. Don't know if I'm getting anywhere. I actually want kicks back on. If they get kicked for the packet loss, oh well. There are multiple reasons I want them back on.


We monitor the zero bob. We are a sniper clan and server and consider this a cheat. It is no longer kicking for zero bob, just recording it a hundred times in my violation log. Also seems it will not kick for the name locks and badnames with the kicks disabled.


Not sure if it is kicking for my ban masks. Seems like people we do not want to come back have been.


Now, I keep doing the pb_sv_enablekicks and it says they are enabled. If I do it again I get the expected already enabled response. But, when I come back a few minutes later and do the command, it says "now enabled" again, like they were turned off. I have put the command in every cfg I can think of. Is there a reason it keeps getting turned off and where should I put the command to keep them on?


Sorry for rambling, getting frustrated!!


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First of all, you better don't touch that kick enabling. Our servers have been completely empty within a few minutes after enabling it.


In the case you still want to enable it permanently:

The PB master servers send the command to disable kicking to the servers every now and then.

To override that, you can create a pb task that enables kicking every 5 minutes or whatever you like.


Example: PB_SV_TASK 1 300 pb_sv_enablekicks

(executes pb_sv_enablekicks 1 second after task was added and from then on every 300 seconds)


To disable kicking again (in case you dont like it anymore :P) you have to wait for the master server to send that command again.

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