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Manual bans in BF4 and PBBans


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Sorry if this is a stupid question but I can't find any answer on this forum regarding this matter.


If a server is fully streaming to PBBans and an admin issues a manual ban (lets say for breaking server rules like using abusive language) then will this ban be streamed to pbbans (I hope not)?


In BF4 (using PRoCon) there is an option to ban a player using admin.banPlayer or from punkbuster - does it have any impact on the above question?


Also, in BF4 we use procon plugin Latency Manager that kicks ppl with high pings using punkBuster.pb_sv_command pb_sv_kick which is seen as 2m temporary ban.

Does it have any impact on pbbans as well?

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Server admins (and whatever plugins/tools they use) have no input whatsoever on our bans (with the exception of the occasional vote on PB ScreenShots). Local bans do not matter to us.


Each ban is backed by log info streamed from the server.

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Other then your server logs, no Pban, tban, kick, or kill is used by PBBans for anything. Depending on how you set your server up, they can run MD5 checks on server players which can result in a ban but, it is not a local ban. It is PBBans which will issue the ban in that case.

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