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PB Hack 130334


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I had a guy in my server (not streaming yet sorry) that was kicked for violation. 130334 PB Hack.

Now, I kinda know this guy through playing his team about 100 times in scrims and really didnt THINK that he was a cheat. :angry:

When this happened he lost his connection to his team's teamspeak at the very same time as he was kicked from my server. I am wondering (trying my best to give him some benefit of the doubt) if he lost his connection during some sort of scan and that is why it gve this message. If he's a hack, no problem, just say so and the ip will be added to banned players on my server. But I dont want to ban him unless i am really certain he is a cheat.

He isnt a very good player and never puts up much of a score, this leads me to believe that he wasnt also. One would think that if he was cheating that he would have a score that would reflect it....????




msn [email protected]

xfire peonrusher


Man, I am sorry. I just saw after I hit submit where I posted this. I will repost in the right area.

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