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KANSAS CITY –  Innovators attracted by a high-speed connection are flocking to a startup village in Kansas City, turning this Midwestern city into a tech hub.


Google Fiber, high-speed Internet almost 100 times faster than what most Americans use, was installed in Kansas City back in 2012. It is drawing in innovators from across the world and has become a hotspot, not only for the high-speed connection, but also for the close proximity of other entrepreneurs and startups.  One cluster of companies, called the Kansas City Startup Village (KCSV), has workspaces located within a few blocks of each other. It looks like a regular neighborhood with trees and quiet streets, except for the red flags outside the homes housing the tech startups. 


One five bedroom house in the neighborhood is called The Hacker House. It has a white front porch and creaky stairs. It’s outfitted with 18 Ethernet cables throughout the various rooms, allowing hackers to plug-in almost anywhere, except the bathroom. The owner of the house, Benjamin Barreth, said that’s the only room where they don’t encourage people to log on. Four of the rooms are reserved for entrepreneurs and startups who apply for a three-month program to stay in the village rent-free.


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