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Three Free PC Tools


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When you need to know your specs to figure out if you can play a video game, it's best to just automate the process. But sometimes you need to dive deep and really find out nitty-gritty details about what's going on inside your computer, most often to aid with troubleshooting efforts or determine whether or not its time to upgrade your hardware. 


Maybe you want to check how much RAM your PC has. Maybe you want to know how fast your processor is, or the voltages being supplied to your PC components. Perhaps you've lost a software product key or are trying to figure out exactly which driver your printer is using. Some—but not all—of that info you can just grab from Windows itself, but it's spread across different locations and a pain to navigate to.


A better option is to try out a number of third-party apps that can analyze your system and supply all the information you need. Here's a look at three free, easy-to-use programs that deliver just that kind of information—and then some.



You can grab Speccy on FileHippo.
Download HWMonitor from CPUID.
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