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Setting your pbucon to profile 1 does allow rcon comands to be sent to your server. This is how the PBBans Hub and Rep sends live bans to your server. No admin has any control of this feature and only the web services and systems of PBBans such as the hub and rep have access to this.


The only commands that are sent to a server using profile 1 are PB related commands such as ban and unban commands, greeting messages (if enabled), pb ver (heartbeat), and pb update. Our system will not modify any settings on your server at any time.


Should you not want any commands being sent to your server please use profile 0 like the below example:


pb_sv_uconadd 0 pbbhub1 pbbanshub


Using profile 0 will stop all commands from being sent to your server. Thus live banning and other enhanced features will be disabled. (profile 1 is the default profile for PBBans Hub streaming)

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