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PBSS Submission URL Broken?


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I usually submit PBSSes using the Remote URL feature.


But today it isn't working. All the URLs I have tried are coming back as blocked:-



Returns the error (after a while):-

Failed to retrieve data from Remote URL.

I don't know if GT are blocking requests on their side - I know I had to specify the user agent on my app to get it to work again with GT.

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Include a few urls of pbss files that don't work and I will take a look.

Here is one:


I receive this message:


Failed to retrieve PBSS data from Remote URL.
Server is a Full Streaming Server: http://www.pbbans.com/msi-server-173-199-67-68-25220.html


I was able to submit it via the old method.

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Here are four more:


http://storage3.screenshots.gametracker.com/screenshots/14285/1ae5ea9656c5a9985441f88c08f16a53.png - FAILED
http://storage3.screenshots.gametracker.com/screenshots/14285/21bfed33a65adb8955b5a99a8a4dc0f5.png - SUCCESS
http://storage3.screenshots.gametracker.com/screenshots/14285/bb46975cb44ddd00eb4f3ffb30def895.png - FAILED
http://storage3.screenshots.gametracker.com/screenshots/14285/5c1bc159aaf5c238e8ec23090e2a6619.png - FAILED
The first one failed as described in post #6. The second went through as normal, and then I added the last two, which failed with:


ERROR: Not a PNG Image
Server is a full streaming server: http://www.pbbans.com/msi-server-8-6-15-216-25200.html Edited by Singh400
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http://storage3.screenshots.gametracker.com/screenshots/14285/41aab90b5e95a60eb22a9ed7ec476d36.png - SUCCESS
http://storage3.screenshots.gametracker.com/screenshots/14285/8433690dd12f86643ea1dd26c608e96d.png - SUCCESS
http://storage4.screenshots.gametracker.com/screenshots/14285/7b4f4df71925399763f81fb6ccf7365c.png - FAILED
http://storage4.screenshots.gametracker.com/screenshots/14285/e261a314995cbacdfa1d6d5c5549bce0.png - SUCCESS
http://storage3.screenshots.gametracker.com/screenshots/14285/ed47021613955b031bd47a6edbb19476.png - SUCCESS
http://storage4.screenshots.gametracker.com/screenshots/14285/f9af6e2e7ab10f84ad11f567d59d6562.png - SUCCESS
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