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Aimbot streamed live on twitch.tv


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I was watching a stream on twitch.tv, when some really weird "recoil control" struck me as odd. The player was on an arica harbor HC server, seemed to camp one part of the map, had pretty much zero game-sense, yet could kill anyone with a snap of a finger.

The streamer in question:


sadly he doesn't save past broadcasts (wonder why...)

I tried to record his gameplay in a pretty hectic fashion, but the main point is visible. Sadly the recording is quite bad quality but thats mainly because the stream was really bad quality from the start. The recording is in 60 fps, because I didnt change it from my own settings, but the source was only 30fps.


DOWNLOAD!!! otherwise the quality will be ~140p 2003-like videos.


In the middle of the recording I went to the server to confirm his soldier's name, as it is extremely blurry on the stream. (and of course a false ban is not something to risk) On the uploaded screenshot you can tell from the chat, that the screenshot I took is from the match the streamer is in, and his name is clearly readible.


/during my time ingame the stream is frozen due to the fullscreen solution in BC2/


The soldier's name he was using in the game is:




His accuracy is pretty high, despite he was deliberately shooting the dead bodies several times.

It is important to note, that weapon kick is vastly different just right after the opponent dies to when he is shooting at his alive apponent.

He started using sniper and slug-shotty when I noted in his chat the didiclulous weapon kick controls.


interesting parts to look out for in the video (definitely not all):


00:50, 01:13, 01:33, 02:26 (sadly I f**ked up the ecording here a bit), 03:11 (perfect chest lock-on?), 03:22 & 03:34 (these are just ridiculous), 04:10 (so he also has wall-hack), 04:28


--- There are many others, I didn't collect all ---


Slug shotgun

27:04,  28:13, 28:40, 29:31, 31:58

AN 94

34:27, 35:58 (the different kick can be really seen here), 37:27, 38:12, 39:10


I suspect this is his second (or more) account. I think he is a really bad player, who thinks that others cheat, so it's ok if he is cheating too. It would be nice to ban all of his accounts.


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I have looked at other threads, and now I realize that with this kind of evidence he cannot be banned by PBBans. However you might be still closer to EA and speed up the process. (I tried to report him, but the support guy only looked at the screenshot, completely ignoring the first person video.)

In the meantime I have found his youtube channel, where he posted his gameplay. Also he shows his other account's soldiers(I was right, that wasn't his only account), even though I don't seem to notice aimbot on those videos. (however the stats show similar weapon usage and accuracy rates to his aimbot ones)


video with aimbot 1:


00:20, 01:15, 03:29, 05:06 (snapping from one target to another), 05:26, 05:29 (only snapping to an enemy throught the wall. This enemy will kill him 13 seconds later), 05:40, 05:59, 08:26, 08:42 (now this alone proves all),  09:34, 10:12, 11:09 (perfect snap to the chest),

VSS vintorez: 12:51, 13:21 (now this kill would be alone enough proof), 13:34, 14:18, 14:56

video with aimbot 2:


03:01, 03:44 (following the enemy through the wall), 05:08 (the weapon kick characteristics change after the enemy gets behind cover), 06:11, 06:14, 06:35, /this is a legit kill from him: 07:54. The enemy's chest is not visible, cannot lock-on.The weapon kick is normal/, 08:19, 10:05, 10:33, 11:26, 12:05, 12:15, 12:30, 14:31, 14:39, 15:15, 15:51, 16:00, 16:15(only snapping to the target he doesn't see), 16:22, 16:39,

at the end he confirms, that the linked account is indeed his.


It seems he deliberately wants to get banned, but I don't know why.

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