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XXXXX Clan on CoD2

Buddy Lee

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Fuzzy servers are and :28961. Both are streaming to Pbbans and Punkedbusted. We highly suspect admin edit clan is using some form of wallhack as they have lost other members to pbbans already and have been banned from other servers due to demos. However I was speaking with the Team Werra Admin and we found something out. Every PBSS taken on our server or the werra server of the admin edit players always comes back corrupted. None of Fuzzys or Werra's are corrupted just the admin edit everytime they are taken. So is this a new way to get around streaming? Corrupt every screen shot taken every time? Any info would be appreciated.


admin comment:

if accusing another clan or player of some wrongdoing please dont post the clan/player name- this invites a flamewar and will result in your thread being totally deleted

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