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Is PBBans Illegal?


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Since there are some who feel PBBans is illegal and submit abuse reports to our hosting provider(s) please note.


1. PBBans isn't owned or affiliated with Even Balance the developers of PunkBuster. It's a community ran website and there are many others who ban players from various games like we do. A good number of them don't use PunkBuster to gather player data.


2. The PunkBuster EULA clearly states "Licensee understands and agrees that the information that may be inspected and reported by PunkBuster software includes, but is not limited to, Licensee's Internet Protocol Address, devices and any files residing on the hard-drive and in the memory of the computer on which PunkBuster software is installed.  Licensee acknowledges and agrees that if Licensee does not want Licensor to collect and process such information, Licensee should not use the PunkBuster software."

Every user who installs a game with PunkBuster must aggre to this before they use it.

3. PBBans uses GeoIP (https://www.maxmind.com/en/geoip2-city-database-accuracy) to display the approximate location of banned players to our streaming admins. The same ability is available to anyone with access to a player IP Address.

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