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Star Wars Battlefront III Leaked


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After years of anticipation, we finally got a next-generation sequel to Star Wars Battlefront last fall. It was easy on the eyes, chock full of Star Wars nostalgia and just as chaotic as its predecessors, but it lacked many of the elements that made the original series a classic. It just wasn’t quite the Battlefront that fans of the series wanted.


If you kept up with the development of the game, you know that the Battlefront we got was actually a reboot by a new developer, DICE, after the original developer, Free Radical Design, had its version of Star Wars: Battlefront III canned late in the development cycle.


Since the cancellation of Battlefront III, countless screenshots and videos have leaked of the game in various stages of development, but on Wednesday, someone on Reddit finally came forward with a playable prototype.


“After a lot of work I managed to get my hands on Star Wars Battlefront III and wanted to share the infamous cancelled game that I’m sure many of you wanted to play,” writes the Redditor. “I know not everyone will get the chance to play this immediately, but over time I expect the modding community to be able to change that.”


The leaked build is only playable on Xbox 360 development kits, test kits, XNA kits and 360s that can use RGLoader, so unless you have access to any of those, you’re going to have to wait for someone to port this to PC.


As Reddit considered this to be pirated software, the link to the download was immediately taken down, but the file is still out there. Again, I don’t recommend searching for it unless you have the tools to actually play/tool with it.


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