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Diablo 2 Patch Is For Modern Systems After 16 Years


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It's never too late to update. Blizzard have released patch 1.14a for Diablo 2, 16 years after its 2000 release date, to bring it in line with modern machiens and make further development easier in the future. This is the end product of a job posting that was listed by Blizzard a few months back, looking for someone to bring these older games up to modern standards.


We wouldn't want to lose some of the best PC games ever, so we're all for preserving them like this.


The update's main focus is to get Diablo 2 running natively on Windows 7, 8 and 10 without the need for XP mode. More importantly, it should now work on OSX for the first time in ten years, since the switch from Power PC architecture to the current one. Some of these updates are still being applied to servers, and may not be available until later in the day.


The official post also makes mention of improvements to hacking detection and anti-cheat services. "There's still work to be done, but we’re making improvements every day" it says, which will come as sharp relief to the hundreds still regularly logging in to Diablo 2 who are a bit sick of getting killed by hackers.


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