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Please Un-ban me


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I admit of using some hack software after getting nuked on BF3 server's full of aim bot and wall hackers, I got raged after paying money I was hoping for a cheat free servers so I decided to cheat myself.
I apologize and I did it once only, I've stopped playing BF3 server's ever since and never used cheats on BF4 servers.
Please restore and lift my BAN, I promise not to cheat.

Game disconnected: you were kicked by PunkBuster. Stated reason: PunkBuster kicked player 'Celestial_Manz' (for 1200 minutes) ... PBBans.com enforced a previous MBi Ban for Celestial_Manz. [Admin Decision]

GUID: 5155c442352f7eda05f43881d76e677d

Game name : Celestial_Manz

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