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Server messages hack?


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Hey what is this? I'm in the game and our usual messages from the messages.cfg are poping in and out, and all of a sudden, i get this swearing in French! "Monde de Merde" is the phrase I see, and since I'm part French I recognized it for what it was. SO how did someone do this? I looked at the messages.cfg file and it hasn't been changed. Any ideas?



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Umm .. what mod are you using? What kind of messages are you speaking of, do you mean banners (can u give an example of that messages.cfg?) ? Change your rcon password, maybe someone got it who shouldn't have it.


You also can check ur server logfiles for Rcon commands, there usually is an IP added which you can cross-check with all players ..

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We're talking about MOTD messages, defined in the messages.cfg. My question would then be if it's possible to even send MOTD messages to the server via Rcon commands?

Yes, its possible to change motd messages via rcon. I suggest you change your rcon pass and reboot your server.

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