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Contra 2028


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Can you survive the alien invasion? Contra 2028 is a action packed third person shooter created by 8 students in 8 weeks


Contra 2028 features bad ass gameplay elements :

    Defy gravity with the Hyper-jump
    Slide across the hangar floor with your handy reactors
    Say hello to my little friend! Get turrets after a certain killstreak
    Dilated time when aiming in midair


The game includes a leaderboard to show off your alien ass kicking skills, the most british voice acting ever, controller support for those who don't use the godly mouse and keyboard and a gorgeous environment rendered with the Unreal Engine 4


The game has :

    Intense Violence
    Blood and Gore
    Strong Language

The game has only one beautiful level in which you can satisfy the alien killing machine that you are.





https://www.dropbox.com/s/5bqswi824cx65c2/Contra 2028.rar

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