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Far Cry 5


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The Far Cry series is known for dropping players into huge, open-world settings and letting them sew chaos and destruction as they take on each title's menacing villain. But those settings and enemies have always been based in largely poor, tropical areas of the world, leading to criticisms of the franchise serving as a tourism simulator gone wrong.


For it's latest entry, Far Cry 5, however, developer Ubisoft Montreal took the tried and true staples of the series -- massive, explorable worlds and sandbox-style gameplay -- and dropped them in the heart of Big Sky Country: Hope County, Montana.


That change in scenery pays off in a big way for Far Cry 5, which is one of the most stunning titles in the franchise to date. It also allowed for the game's creative team to build a story about a doomsday cult building its own outpost in the middle of the U.S. at a time when the country is dealing with a resurgence in white nationalist hate groups.


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