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Recoridng Demo


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You can record a demo at any time while you are playing the game. A demo is basicly the connection data between the game client and server. However, rather than having all the data (e.g. all the players on a map as you would normally when playing on a server) it omits some of the data storing what is locally around you. This means that due to the constraints on the data and it is impossable to record someone across the map while playing. You would only be able to view that player when that player came into the limited area of the demo. If you are trying to spot a cheater that would be next to impossable to do based on your perspective. You can however, with a demo viewing mod called refrag, do things like switch from third to first person, rewind, and watch the demo in a freeview camera view though you will only be able to view the players in the area which data was recorded for the demo. You can get refrag from here http://soldieroffortune2.filefront.com/file/ReFrag;45881.


An alternitive to actually having to go to spec to record a demo on a player is to ghost that player. This is a feature of RocMod, RocMod - NobleMan's Edition, or Noble-Pro mods that allows you to spec the player, but without showing up in the player's spec list (so the player doesn't know your specing him), and without you actually having to go to spec. You can ghost as long as you want before hitting the walk key again which will begin the respawn countdown, or if there is no respawn countdown, respawn you and allow you to play again. Note that this feature is only avaible for admins and above and will not work if admin is suspended or if g_allowadminghost is not set to 1.

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