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Banned for having old ahk files in the directory


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I was playing on TBGLAN.COM's server for a couple of days without any issue but on saturday morning I was kicked/banned and the reason was stated as "...MD5Tool Mismatch: Read Memory 5.0.ahk battlefield 4. Contact GCC-Stream.com" I have written 2 tickets on gcc-stream but no replies yet. I downloaded some AHK scripts back in the day when I started playing BF4 but none worked so I never used any. Forgot all about them as I rarely went into the BF4 folder. And I have over 1600+ hours in BF4 without ever getting banned once or being reported as a cheater. Even my report on BF4DB says "Good" . I have never cheated. Nor do I plan to. To be safe, I have deleted all the files with "ahk" in their name from my computer and repaired the game so that the executables are clean. Please unban me. Thankyou!


EDIT: Just to be clear. I was not cheating/using any mods when I was kicked/banned.

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Tried posting there... No replies yet. I guess I'll have to wait.

The reason I posted here is that I posted on tbgclans forums and they said to hit the pbbans or bf4db as the IP matches. 

Also, thanks for your concern. I have been traveling a lot in the past few years :) 

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