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Most Dangerous Netbook In The World Auction


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If you were going to spend $600K+ on a PC what would you look to get out of it? Obviously you’d want it to be able to run Crysis, but you’d also be expecting some serious computational chops on the scale of a monstrous server machine. Maybe something that will ray trace your games at 144Hz on a 4K screen, or render 8K special effects without breaking a sweat.

But what you might not be after is a Samsung netbook (remember them?) so infested with the world’s most dangerous malware if you were able to connect it to a network it would take any linked computer down before you can say Matrix. But, in an online auction, The Persistence of Chaos 10-inch NC10 netbook is available for anyone to buy and has already topped the $600K mark… and is still going.

In order to get around the fact that this is arguably the world’s most dangerous laptop, and someone is set to make a quick buck off it, the machine in question is being auctioned off as art. Hence the borderline pretentious name.

On The Persistence of Chaos (via Gamereactor) are six of the most costly pieces of malware ever spread, with a combined bill of $95bn between them. You may recognise some of them… there’s the ILOVEYOU virus, the MyDoom and SoBig worms, the WannaCry ransomware, the DarkTequila malware, and the BlackEnergy rootkit which caused a large-scale blackout in Ukraine back in 2015.


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