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connection lost not connect to server


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hey all long time.i have other account and im the H.E.A.T. and allso i will say at i test the usa clan tags 2021-02-14 and i did play in 30 min then i was kick but its not standing for the clan tags was only connection lost not connect to server and all in usa clan some of they cant play and they be kick to for 2 min or 3 min every times when they join others server i have log files and i did report this to bunkbuster but you know we never get the answer from them:(and i try to do it from then 14 tills today.HELP


AAUI_ComponentController::ChangeState(LoginMenuState, True) CurrentStateName:'LoginMenuState' PreviousState:'MainMenuState'
2021.02.14-22.17.40 [0020.00] Log: PunkBuster Client: Game Version [319295]
2021.02.14-22.17.40 [0020.00] Log: PunkBuster Client: Not Connected to a Server
2021.02.14-22.17.40 [0020.40] Error: AAULoginResponse: 1, 200
2021.02.14-22.17.41 [0020.99] ScriptLog: OnAAULoginComplete(True, ERROR: Could Not Retrieve Soldier Data)
2021.02.14-22.17.41 [0020.99] ScriptLog: AAUI_ComponentController::ChangeState(MainMenuState, True) CurrentStateName:'MainMenuState' PreviousState:'LoginMenuState'


2021.02.16-00.02.24 [0728.00] Exit: Windows client shut down
2021.02.16-00.02.24 [0728.04] Exit: XAudio2 Device shut down.
2021.02.16-00.02.24 [0728.09] Exit: AK Audio shut down.
2021.02.16-00.02.24 [0728.24] Exit: Object subsystem successfully closed.
2021.02.16-00.02.24 [0728.25] Log: Shutting down FaceFX...
2021.02.16-00.02.24 [0728.25] Log: FaceFX shutdown.
2021.02.16-00.02.25 [0728.36] Exit: Exiting.
2021.02.16-00.02.25 [0728.36] Log: Log file closed, 02/16/21 00:02:25

all this TcpNetDriver_3 shut down from 0-3 is shut down

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