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Game Pads....can we stop the abuse in our server?


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We recently had an issue with a gamer in our server that was using a Nostromo gamepad and had his fire key set to one of the pad keys which he had also set up with a "repeat" if he held it down. Sounded like when the fire is set to the mouse wheel. (handgun sounded like an automatic weapon). I don't have a problem with people using gamepads but I consider the auto rapid fire an unfair advantage. After explaining this to the him he still felt he wasn't doing anything wrong because "I didn't change anything in the game, it's in the windows/game pad settings". What can we do to catch this type of thing? Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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This is an ongoing problem, brought this up to |RA| Respected Admins a long time ago. All what I got was " buy one yourself", as long there are no ways to detect keybinds on a Nostramo, we have to live with it, or not. "Our Server, our money, our rules". A motto we go by, and have no problems with it. ;)

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