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new bug exploit or hack?


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Today first time i noticed players on BF2142 i3d.nl ranked

EA servers to be able to :


Penetrate console force fields by either using either a bug

or a hack. Destroying console 2 and 4 before having

to destroy 1 and 3


Titan shield staying active even if destroyed

preventing enemy team from boarding, either

a bug or a hack? I tend to think its a hack cause

it all these odditites came up in the same server

and match.


Also i have seen stat padders yesterday

doing knife / revive padding.


I3d already has confirmed that they will bring

up stronger admin presence to the servers

hopefully that happens soon!!


Can PB confirm research on this issue if theres

such a exploit or active hack and countermeasure?

It ruins the whole game actually!

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