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Because Raven does not think about it, to bring out a SoF3 several. So the users from bbc clan, from sz.de and others, and Tom2Win, we decided now, to take this in our hands. There will be new weapons (incl. dual Weapons), new standard maps with continuations available maps, new ones, also plays mods are there, grafik becomes so far q3 engine to leaves improved. To thema playmod, it is planned a sort of elim will give there combined with and arbitrarily it is selected bombs has and only against everything will play something like that like rabbithunting *lol*.And as I workes with djsp on his startmenue I also co-operated and also in nx betatester was I have also announced myself close there with. then the whole one will not come out as a SoF3 (raven copyright) but is used like addon. who has suggestions what in addon still with in it can who has suggestions what in addon still with in, they can bring it on http://www.shooter-szene.de



http: // www.shooter-szene.de act. http: // www.shooter-szene.de / PNphpBB2-viewtopic-t-4367.phtml

http: // www.shooter-szene.de/index.php? name ... asc*start=0


what has done itself it is Momentary

in the Addon in it:

*1 new Secondär weapon: M40A1 Sniper

*1 new Primarily weapon: G36 *Dopple Pistoles and Uzi

*Bots (bsp. Command:/addbot delta)

*New Controlls to put

*Coronas (Light Flares) in mp_shop and mp_kam5

* weapon are to be seen on körper (How with the play: Tomb Raider)

*Man is able to do without weapons rumrenn (Goes only with a trick sign)

*Follow SP Maps are playable: col2, kam12, air4 and shop8 *Neuer Capture Effect with mp_jor1

*New pursuitview

*Per server command (g_promode) one is able to do quick weapon change in and switch off (default = 0)

*Gore one can put

*and many more


There is disadvantage: there is none disable_pickup_weapon_ ... comands more is fallen back on the old system with g_aviable... Reason:u


By the old system, one can insert arbitrarily a lot of weapons


our Member =MD C C = Tom2Win already has tested: Citation: I had tested it and say FAT really FAT if we to you everything will have tested and have cleared error, in addition, immediately also with rocmod linkedly at the moment it runs only with old naked sof2 without mod, however, with pb




If you follow the Tomb Raider effect the weapons are you not used, do not disappear simply separate, they are either in belt or on the move



sorry for this bad english, but the altavista translater is soooo bad


the orginal post is from =MD C C = Tom2Win




Edited by =MD-C-C=eisbaer
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