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questions about Enemy Territory 2.60 and 2.60B


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Hello, I play enemy territory and there are a few things that I have noticed lately so I went searching on the internet to see if there were cheats available that beat PB even while using 2.60. Is it true that since using 2.60 that I can expect players to hack?


I really dont want to get 2.60b because I have a few friends on the server in question. Anyhow this is what I found and I want to know if you have added these to the blocklist yet because I just started playing this about a month ago and I would like to know that someone does not have an advantage over me by using 3rd party programs.


REMOVED this one is called REMOVED and they say that it works on 2.60 being able to exploit the pb protection.




Here is another huge hacking community. These guys have been a pain in my ass since I started playing games. I am sure that being punkbuster, you have known about them since they came out. A few of these hacks work on 2.60 Enemy Territory.


Basically, do I have to switch to 2.60b in order to get a fair game?


ADMIN: Dont post cheat names or cheat sites, Thankyou.

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