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ET Configs load order


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When a server starts how are the configs and cfg loaded.

For example, I start my server with a normal config (not much in it server name,host ...) at the end I start CB config.

When does the pbsv.cfg load. What will happen if in CB config for examlpe I have

pb_sv_cvar "r_drawentities" IN 1 1

in pbsv.cfg I would have

pb_sv_cvar "r_drawentities" IN 1 2


OK maybe a stupid example, but just wondering if I use Master CVAR Library in pbsv.cfg, are there any cvars, that are different from CB config, and we could have problems with offi matches.

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If I remember correctly, If you load a CB Config it has the command pb_sV_cvarempty, so all your pbbans cvars will get erased, so the only cvars PB will check for and enforce are the ones in the CB configs.


I dont know what happens if you load a CB config and THEN load your pbbans config and restart PB, I assume your PBBans checks will override the CB ones.


I wouldnt recommend doing the 2nd option though, If someone found out Im sure CB (the fools they are :)) would forfeit your match because you would of had cvar checks which aint allowed in CB configs...much like playing a CB match on an un-verified cfg.


I did notice that pb_sv_tasks still stay even if a CB cfg is loaded though.

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