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Interview With a Cheater from GGL...


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I thought this was interesting I don't play the game & never have before but some1 sent me this link to read this story to get a look into the way a cheater thinks when they cheat in a game.




Click the link to see the entire story



Interview With a Cheater


Posted by Cash on January 5, 2007


Today, cheaters might have suffered one of the greatest blows in the entire history of online gaming at the hands of just one guy.


Earlier today Fusen, an "Enemy Territory" admin for the website Crossfire.nu, managed to gain admin powers on of the most notorious cheat-making websites, *********.**.


So far over 100 people have been unveiled who are in possesion of one of *********'s cheats. The list varies from Mr. Noob to Mr. Iamahighskillz0r and expands by the hour with more astonishing discoveries.


One of them is evan, a fervent ET player and contributor to the community through being a cupadmin for ClanBase. Today a lot has changed for him, as he turned out to be on the list of cheat purchasers. However, with his enthousiasm for ET and competitive gaming, it is hard to see the lame stereotyped cheater in him.


It raises the interesting question of why a rather respected person in the community gives into to the temptation of a cheat. The big question behind any cheater...WHY?



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